Saturday, March 1, 2014

That Girl Challenge

That Girl Challenge:                                           

"You are the finest,loveliest, tenderest,and most beautifulperson I have ever known -and even thatis an understatement."- F. Scott Fitzergerald

I truly believe in feeling wonderful everyday if you want to be productive everyday. The old saying goes if you look good you feel good. So with that said I joined a thread around January on a forum I frequent called That Girl Challenge. The premise of the challenge revolves around being THAT Girl. Well who is that girl one must ask? For me personally, that girl is ... one who looks well put together everyday. She has a long lovey and soft mane of hair, with subtle to moderately applied but effective makeup that compliments her features, and perfectly painted nails everyday. She is that girl who knows when to wear the right clothes at the right time for the right occasion. She inherently believes in the phrase "Dressing well is just good manners". That girl is also very well poised, elegant, and generally just graceful all around.

Now please don't get me wrong I believe That Girl isn't only radiantly beautiful on the outside but beautiful and highly knowledgeable on the inside. That Girl is well versed on current, past, and future events and world history. From my standpoint That Girl respects and I curious of other cultures and their histories and politics. She delights in acquiring new knowledge whether it relates to her studies or not. That girl is just all around polished on all levels: beauty, brains, and all. On my blog I will update weekly on my That Girl Challenge. Stay tuned ^_^
That Girl is... Pretty, feminine, and angelic like.
That Girl is...Lovely, beautiful, and always alluring

That Girl is...has a great skincare regimen
 with attention to natural and modern techniques

That Girl is... has luscious, soft, bouncy, and springy natural curls and kinks

That Girl is...has a marvelous sense of fashion

That Girl Healthy & Fit Shape

                                    That Girl is... has glowing, youthful, even toned brown skin