Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Pleasing Sights and Pleasing Sounds: Foreign Edition

I'm a lover of good music, I mean really good music. Passionate music resonates something deep within me. A differing language has never stopped me from appreciating wonderful music. In fact every language has its own way of producing captivating music. Listening to foreign music outside of your own is appreciating music in its totality.You moving beyond just the lyrics and focusing on the soothing or commanding voice, the style and fusion of instruments, the rhythm and flow of the song, and the heart and soul of the music. I do not need to hear a song in English to fall in love with good music. Good music transcends language barriers and evokes a profound feeling in the heart of the listener. Truly good music will carry you you places whether or not you understand the lyrics. If you are only listening to music in your mother tongue you are missing out and are engaging in a limited musical perspective!