Sunday, September 27, 2015

Beauty Culture

Wearing a Bold Lip

Lips are considered the most sensual feature on woman's face. Soft kissable lips are considered feminine and sensual. Pink and red lip colors are often the most enticing lip colors that men are drawn to when noticing a woman. A bold lip alone can be a makeup look unto itself. The act of wearing lipstick in a bold color like red bring about confidence and boost your morale.

The Elegance of Long Manicured Nails

Long manicured nails are seen as feminine and luxurious. A woman's hands if well maintained and properly positioned can be seen as graceful and dainty. Two dance styles that add grace to a woman's movements are belly dance and ballet. From the little knowledge I have of both dance styles a woman's hands must be in line with the general aesthetics so hands must always form a soft shape and not be resting in a pancake form. Whenever I notice a beautiful woman my eyes gravitate towards her hair and then towards her nails. I am seriously a crazy nail fanatic and love seeing women with long well manicured nails. Long nails accentuate the hands and add a sense of luxury to the women's appearance. I personally am not a fan of add on nails and I believe if needed add on nails should be worn for formal occasions rather than on a weekly basis. Nail salons can can relaxing and fun and provide a professional manicure with fun beautiful designs an average nail fanatic can not do. But if not careful relying on salons for nail care can be quite damaging, so it's best to treat nail salons as a treat rather than a need.

The Poetry of  a Dress in Motion

The only good thing about pants on a woman,
 is seeing the shape of her butt.
Otherwise, they look clunky and industrial.
Now a dress... accents her curves....
and flows when she moves.
Poetry in motion.

Isn't that insightful and fascinating? A woman wearing a dress is akin to visual poetry in motion. A woman in a nice pair of jeans can be quite fashionable but a woman in a nice dress is quite stunning. No matter how nice the cut, wash, stitch, or style jeans can never compete on a equal standing with dresses. Dresses enhance and flatter a woman's figure while appearing more fun and flirty. Now I'm not anti jeans to the core, as jeans were once a core staple of my wardrobe. However I like the idea of a wardrobe consisting of 50% dresses and 50% of blouses, skirts, and jeans/pants. This wardrobe formula makes it much more easier to look your best and most feminine self. Dresses also provide a different feeling than when wearing a pair of jeans. A woman in a dress must learn to walk and sit a certain way to keep a fine appearance. Whenever I am wearing a dress I'm almost always mindful of the way I sit and cross my legs or ankles. I carry myself in a certain manner and my posture is almost always better. 

The Everyday Makeup Look

I love the look of subtlety enhanced makeup looks that give a nice warm healthy glow to the face. Makeup skills when executed well can subtlety enhance facial features or completely transform the face in a stunning manner.  Makeup should not give a cakey or a cheap appearance for a woman when its executed well. I consider makeup apart of the beauty arsenal that can help or hinder the woman who chooses to or not to wear makeup. Basic cosmetics can improve every women's looks.The easy basics of  a simple makeup routine usually include: mascara, a little blush, a dab of lipstick, and perhaps a flick of eyeliner. Everyday makeup even the minimal can be just that simple and help to polish a woman's looks.

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  1. I'm really enjoying this! I already wore dresses and skirts but now that's what I ONLY wear. I'm more on the modest and cute side of dressing so my skirts are right at knees or longer. I love to keep my outfits bright, flirty and fun but always mature.

    1. My wardrobe consists of skirts and dresses and occasionally shorts now. See I'm a bit of a bad girl :D because my skirts are rarely knee length unless the occasion calls for it. I love mini skirts too much. Yes bright colors are very fun and flirty. I love Lupita's fashion sense becuase she pulls off bright colors fabulously!

  2. I've just really started figuring out what kind of clothing styles and makeup looks I'm into. So its nice to read the basics. :)

    This everyday makeup look that I found is very pretty. As soon as I saw it I thought that this should be the first makeup look that I will learn how to do. I also would probably wear it year round.

    1. I'm glad you are figuring out your own personal style with makeup and fashion. It becomes such a relief as one gets older to come into yourself and be at ease with your own personal style.

      I checked out the blog you posted above, her makeup is wonderful and so feminine. I'm going to check out the Maybelline lip pencil because of that.

    2. I haven't experminented yet, I want to wait until I have a job to spend whenever, just in case I mess up or don't want it anymore lol! When the time comes, I'll know what I like.

      I thought you would like it. As soon as I read "I love the look of subtlety enhanced makeup looks that give a nice warm healthy glow to the face.", I thought Collen might enjoy this. I like how the lip pencil is a dark lip, but has a warm tone to it.

    3. Oh okay, understood :D
      Thanks very good blog.