Friday, December 18, 2015

Tumblrs I Love


[photographer unknown]



Ph. Marc Hibbert

Ph. Osamu Yokonami


Stolen Summer - Robert and Shana Parkeharrison (2006)

Ph. Janneke & Lyson

Precious Adams performing Aurora act 3 variation
2014 Prix de Lausanne
(she won a scholarship + the contemporary dance prize!)


Eunice Oluminde           solangesolo:

“Dreaming of these flowers my sister put in my hair at dinner. One by one they bloomed in my afro, and stayed there until I danced them away..” - Solange


Collage by woefoep(via Andrea & Mahogany Soul)      “I’ve Been Thinking” print by Andrea Pippins

Love the energy of this shoot for beautiful scarves by SuTurno.  - Spotted at Made Fashion Week.



  1. I love the Art of Lovely and the Elegantbw also. I've heard of bellemichou before, it was recommended on a BWE forum before. I will gladly check out these other Tumblrs, they are very intriguing aesthetically.

    Other Tumblrs I enjoy are the FemmeBlack Chic, shesthedifferencemaker, bwlivingwell, Married Girl In a Weird World, and HeyFran Hey.

    1. Really... on a BWE forum, that's interesting. Yes almost all my Tumblrs I follow for the aesthetics and uplifting content. I love bwlivingwell, great inspiring stories!

    2. I found it on The Sojourner's Passport on one of the Finishing School Friday posts.

  2. May I ask you two questions?
    What is your major? I've noticed that you have an affinity for the arts.

    The other is do you have a Tumblr? I ask beacuse I believe I saw you reblog and like a few of my posts, plus the name mocha was accompanied. My name is delicatelyhopefulcreator.

    1. My major is international relations but I have a serious background in fine arts :)

      Yes I do and yes I follow your tumblr delicatelyhopefulcreator, I found it under my blog stats.

  3. I love the ballerina one…She seems so regal!

  4. This isn't a Tumblr blog, however I still recommend it.

    1. Very cool blog.I love that she is an art and tea enthusiast! Thanks Silver Roxen