Monday, June 29, 2015

Pleasing Sights and Pleasing Sounds

I take joy in listening to pleasing music. Pleasing music with a nice melody, a superior sound, instruments harmonizing well, and lovely voices that belt a gracious tune. However, what I take joy in the most are love songs, especially love songs presenting feminine Black women as the leading love interest. :)


  1. I frequently see your postings on a hair forum where I often feel like an "odd man out" to the point where I don't post or comment on certain topics. Today, I decided to click through to your blog (the "unapologetic swirler" portion of the sig got me as I swirled & married) and I'm glad I did. Please keep posting and sharing your thoughts. I'll be subbing!

  2. Thank you so very much for your lovely comment. I was having a nice day but upon seeing this comment really warmed my day even further ^-^

    I understand how you feel very much so. Sometimes room for differing opinions are not allowed by group think. I try to look at the positive and post in threads that allow for warm connections like that girl challenge. So my signature is working yayyyy :)
    I honestly forgot about my signature for a while since I'm mostly posting from my phone. Yes I am pro Black girl, especially Black girls and women marrying someone who loves and cares for them. Congratulations on your marriage ^-^

    Thank you taking the time to click my blog, comment, and post. This really brightened my day and means a lot :)