Saturday, July 11, 2015

Treat Yourself to a Little Bit of Magic

In continuation with my self-love and self-investment journey. I implemented a new routine for my everyday morning. Now this routine came about when I started to overhaul my bedroom clearing all clutter and rearranging the bedroom decor. I decided to move my routine of This routine of primping and preening in my bedroom rather than the bathroom. Usually I would apply my skincare, sunscreen, makeup, and fix up my hair. All while standing in bathroom over the sink. Now once I finish my skincare and apply my sunscreen to the bedroom vanity I go...
and treat myself to a little bit of magic :)

Bedroom vanities in particular, gives the process of beautification a luxurious and glamorous feel for a woman. Every morning I awaken and after my morning routine of hygiene and skincare in the bathroom, I head towards the bedroom for my morning vanity time. Vanity time continues the self love experience because I am pampering my outer self and indulging in a ritual of feminine elegance.

There are various ways to style one's vanity. The main stays in the decor of a vanity usually includes:

  •    Glass bottles of perfume
  •    Container to hold jewelry
  •    Simple vase of flowers
  •    Container for makeup     
  •    products
  •    A Framed photograph
  •    Vanity mirror

For my own vanity I have certain preferences. I use nicely decorated ceramic containers for my jewelry and makeup. Lovely glass bottles for perfume, and freshly cut flowers over artificial plastic flowers. I do my best to stay away from plastic as I prefer glass or ceramic as these two give a more luxurious feel. Of course nicely stained wood is nice as well for the vanity itself. Now to give the feeling of elegance and bits of luxury for your vanity this formula goes as follows. Apply the three senses of touch, sight, and smell:

Sense of Touch by applying various oils, creams, and powders for the hair and skin.

Sense of Smell by spraying a light cloud of fragrance
from perfume bottles.
Sense of Sight by preening in front of a mirror with adornments
 like pearl earrings or a nice gold hair piece.


  1. I love-eeee vanities. I've wanted one since I was a pre-teen, and as soon as I get the space I'm going to get one.

    1. Oooh go ahead and get yourself a marvelous vanity :) Once you decorate it to your liking and style I am sure you will feel just marvelous and elegant preening every morning.

  2. I definitely can appreciate the fact that you make sure that you have your own little space particularly tailored for yourself. I didn't know that applying sunscreen everyday was a thing in some people's routines. I should probably start doing that myself. What sunscreen do you use? I feel that a lot of them make me look (and feel) pretty oily.

  3. Hey Amy :) Yes vanities are my go to me* space. Yes I apply sunscreen everday, its a permanent part of my skincare routine. I use Nuetrogena Ultra Sheer spf 30 sunblock. You can pick it up at Target, Walmart, and I believe Walgreens as well. That particular sunblock is more of a liquid than cream but absorbs very well into my skin. I think you might like the 100+ version its more of a cream than liquid like the SPF 30 version. Both are non greasy sunscreen options.